NNG Magic and Illusion

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Participants1200 guests

Magic and illusion – Everything is possible – as the title says in NNG’s annual year closing event, which was organized by us for the 4th time. The event was promoted by a mysterious video teaser campaign. Hungexpo Pavilion G provided a prestigious venue for the event.

Danny Blue and his team – just like the 4 horsemen in the famous movie called Now you see me – has been working on the show for months. At the end, we created a mysterious and unforgettable event where not just appearing Ádám Kiss, but a real Jaguar on the stage.

Beside the onstage show, the night had also numerous side-programs for our guests to get involved in magic and illusion even more. The guests also had the chance to enjoy a Zagar concert and have a great party with DJ Karányi.

We work together with NNG for 4 years now.