About us

Confhotel Event continues as Hello Event


For more official information click here; short version of the rebranding please find below:

As we figured, nowadays when companies have to react extremely quickly to market changes in strategy and in communication as well, and it is a huge risk to find and keep good labor, it is the time to make a change in the world of company events also.


That is exactly why we decided to change our brand name, pace and service area based on our 17-year-old know-how.


So, goodbye Confhotel! Hello Event!



What you can continually count on is our human faces, customer orientation and professionalism.


What we are focusing on is everything which is marketing communication, employer branding and brand activities.


In case you think that our mindset fits together and (of course!) we can fulfill the expectations of your event, please don’t hesitate to brief us about it!